Payments data simplified.

Save months of development time with a simple API. Decimals solves consistency, integration, reporting, and other payment data tasks.

Find your use case.

Custom analytics events, plataform sub-accounts, flexible billing, accounting, and a lot more.


Aggregate detailed charge, subscription, dispute, and other events to the customers in your analytics tool.


Create virtual sub-accounts from a single bank account. Control sales, commissions, taxes, payouts, and more.


Decimals can meter the usage of your product and provide real-time insights to your users. Charge for Megabytes, API calls, e-mails, anything.


Get just the accounting you need from your payment provider data, in just a few minutes. Don't spend months integrating with accounting tools.

A payments data pipeline.

Store, validate and connect payments data with every tool.

With Decimals
Without Decimals

Every Decimal counts

Replace all the code for receiving webhooks, storing transactions, and more with a simple client library.

After the initial setup, new use cases can be done directly in Decimals, like sending data to analytics or accounting tools.

Get insights into how money is flowing through your systems with our ledger dashboards and graphs.

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